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Tank Cleaning & Testing Services

  • Lighthouse Maritime Services LLC are a team of highly motivated, dedicated marine and chemical experts with over 60 years collective tank cleaning experience behind them.

  • Working as a team, we share our chemical knowledge to enhance your operational performance.


  • Onboard, we play an active role in the tank washing and monitoring process to expedite the cleaning and keep you informed on progress and completion time.

  • Our on-shore coordinators maintain a focal point for each client, connecting clear communications on progress.

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From Start to Finish! Remote or Full Attendance.

  • Let us help with the planning!


  • Knowing the previous and intended cargoes, we can recommend and agree the cleaning plan, chemicals required and give an estimated timeline for the operation.

  • With our global supply network, we can quote and supply all necessary cleaning detergents, testing solvents, reagents and equipment.

  • We can follow on with ‘remote – email’ monitoring, and/or join the ship for more comprehensive assistance and monitoring to meeting any Loading Port specifications, ensuring tanks integrity for the next cargo.

Our Supercargo Experience

  • Standardised wall washing procedures to ensure consistent results.​

  • All our Supercargoes are equipped with UV/Vis Spectrometers, allowing accurate profiling of each tank’s chemical cleanliness.

  • Real time monitoring of your tank washing by UV Washing Water Analysis.

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We keep you accurately informed on the ‘Visual’ and ‘Chemical’ cleanliness of each tank. If there can be problems, you will know first!

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Tank Inspections - Fujairah, Sharjah, & Dubai United Arab Emirates

  • From our office in Fujairah – UAE, we are well positioned to respond quickly for full visual and chemical tank inspections on ships loading at Middle East Gulf Ports.​

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  • Analysis is performed on board, so results are quickly available. We can advise on any necessary expedient remedial actions, remain on board for further testing or even sail with the ship to the loading Port to assist in the presentation of the tanks and satisfactory loading of the ‘First Foots’.

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