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Hull Inspections

Why perform UW Hull Inspection and Cleaning?

Through hull Inspection and cleaning, we are ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the vessel. It also boosts the vessel's operational and economic performance, reduces fuel consumption, and optimizes journey time.



















Lighthouse Maritime Services offers competitive and quality Underwater marine services Globally. 

Through our Global Network, Lighthouse Maritime Services is your one-stop-shop provider for in-water surveys, propeller polishing, in-water hull cleaning, to a more complex class inspection and repairs we are your most trusted partners.
Servicing over hundreds of vessels per year, having an experienced team and high-quality equipment makes us capable of performing all kinds of operations, either using the conventional brush-cart or with the use of the latest ROV technology, we deliver unrivaled, cost-effective, efficient maintenance and repair solutions in the water.

Always following quality protocols in ensuring vessel integrity as well as compliance with safety, local and international regulations which is a win-win for both ship owners and the marine environment. 

Early detection of fouling and hull cleaning gives ship owners a huge benefit. It is proven that timely cleaning of hull not only saves fuel, reduces carbon emissions but also takes away the risk of carrying invasive species on its hull. 

Why it’s good to perform propeller Polishing?


When marine growth accumulates on a propeller's surface or surface roughness increases due to aging, propeller efficiency lowers, and fuel consumption increases. To lower fuel consumption, fuel-saving polishing, where propeller blades are polished to reduce blade roughness, is proven effective.

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