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Pre-Application inspections cover surface preparation aspects, whether conforming to the manufacturers surface preparation standards, as well as surface cleanliness. Ambient conditions are checked to ensure the coating is applied in the right environment. All these contribute to the longevity of the life of coatings, preventing premature failures.

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Post-Application inspection covers aspects after the paint has been applied. Measurement of Wet and Dry Film Thickness, whether conforming to the required thickness specifications given by the manufacturer. Defects and discontinuities are detected before coatings go to service; perform necessary repair steps to prevent proliferation of corrosion during the early service life.

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In-service Failure Investigation

In-Service Failure Investigation is requested when significant breakdowns or coating damage is observed during service. The possible origin and mode of breakdown formation is studied and related to existing records of coating usage, coating maintenance records, chemical resistance list of the coatings, to produce a well-founded evidence for the investigation.



Based on inspection findings in a given scope of work, timely recommendations are given, or further investigation angles can be explored so as to come up with the best solution possible.

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