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Richard Barnes

General Manager

Communication is of the utmost importance when servicing clients and no one appreciates this more than Richard who has developed a business underpinned by the successful interaction between Lighthouse  

clients and the team; providing clients with outstanding service levels, workload transparency and quality advice on the best solution to any issue.  


It is this level of service and professionalism which has led to Lighthouse employing some of the best people in the industry and retaining quality clients. Since 2007 and under Richard’s leadership, the business  

has gone from strength to strength.   


Earlier this year, he felt the time was ripe to develop and grow Lighthouse Maritime Services LLC into a world class business by way of extending their services and products.     

It is no mean feat to build a loyal, specialized, well trained, educated and experienced team who can work efficiently and capably in many diverse locations worldwide.  With Richard’s outstanding background and  

considerable ‘hands-on’ experience, knowledge and expertise in the petroleum and chemicals inspection industry, he takes great pride in leading and encouraging the Lighthouse team to develop their understanding  

of the maritime services industry. 


Always delighted to share his extensive knowledge with clients and the team, Richard has designed and delivered many training programs relating to tank cleaning and product analysis.      

As General Manager, he continually looks for ways to help his team, clients and prospective clients.  Please reach out to him at any time.  


Head of Operations

BSc. Chemistry | NACE Level 2 Certified

Ace has been an invaluable member of the Lighthouse Maritime team and is recognized as a leading expert in his field.

His vast knowledge and experience relating to the loading and transportation of bulk chemicals has been gained from over 10 years’ experience in the maritime industry. Ace has supervised chemical loadings in various parts of the world including the Middle East Gulf, the US Gulf and Europe.


Ace focuses on coating surveys on chemical tankers for P&I Clubs. He also acts as an Expert Witness and an NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector.


His excellent communication skills make Ace a perfect focal point for our operations and connecting with our clients.

Our Supercargo Team
Melvin picture_edited.jpg

Senior Operations/ Supercargo

BSc. Marine Transportation

Melvin joined us in 2010 from a background in Marine inspection, Melvin’s work is highly regarded and respected by both our clients and his colleagues. An expert in cleaning coated tanks to Methanol Standard with good commercial awareness in having the ship ready in time!

Oliver Pic.jpg
Oliver Ramos

Senior Supercargo

BSc. Marine Transportation

Starting with us in 2010, Oliver is one of our senior Supercargoes who has gained a well-established reputation in tank upgrades from DPP to CPP, in addition to his long time experience with high-specification chemical grade changes.

Dempcie pic_edited.jpg
Dempcie Dela Cruz

Supercargo/ Marine Surveyor

BSc. Marine Transportation

Dempcie has been with us since 2014 and over many Supercargo assignments has proved a significant asset to our clients with his strong work ethic and perseverance in expediting timely job completions.

He has good experience in cleaning to wall wash standards and cleaning conversion from DPP to CPP.

Rexan Balcita

Supercargo/ Chemist

BSc. Chemistry | NACE Level 2 Certified

A chemist with 10 years extensive experience in Vessel COTs preparations, Fuel Product Quality Analysis, and Petroleum Fuel Additives. Devised systematic procedures for more efficient COTs preparation meeting client’s highest standard. Rexan also specializes in coating performance & condition surveys for P&I clubs.

Ishu pic_edited.jpg
Ishu Gurung


BSc. Nautical Technology

We were delighted to have Ishu join us in 2016 and as a proactive member of the team he is involved in expediting the cleaning operations.  Ishu is an expert in assessing the chemical cleanliness of tanks prior to loading high grade chemical products.

Vimal pic_edited.jpg
Vimal Cyriac


BSc. (Phys). MSc. (Electronics)

Joining the team in 2017, Vimal has established himself within the supercargo industry and particularly enjoys working with the Spectrometer and Trace Oxygen analyzer calibration services, assisting clients who recognize Vimal as an important part of Lighthouse Maritime.

Joven pic_edited.jpg
Joven R. Tiamsim

Supercargo/ Marine Surveyor

BSc (Hons) Naval Architect & Marine Engineer / NACE Level 2 Certified Coating Inspector.

He established solid track record in expediting cleaning programs associated with high purity cargo liftings & conducted numerous cargo tank coating inspections as per ISO rating standard, cleaning conversion from DPP to CPP. He also has vast experience in New Shipbuilding & Drydocking superintendency acting on behalf of Owners. His strong skill set, & career background positively contributed to the Company and clients.

Jay Photo.jpeg
Jay-Al Cosio

Supercargo/ Marine Surveyor

BSc Naval Architect & Marine Engineer / NACE Level 2 Certified Coating Inspector.

He was a former Senior Marine Surveyor and a Hull Inspector with excellent knowledge of vessel structures, machineries, and equipment.
Presently he is one of our experience Supercargo capable of preparing cargo tanks to wall wash standards and cleaning conversion from DPP to CPP.
He is also one of our certified Coating Inspector.

Christopher Alvarez Photo.jpg
Christopher Alvarez


Marine Engineer

A licensed Marine Engineer with 10 years of experience in Bulk Carrier, containers, and Oil/Chemical Tankers. My vast experience at sea develops me to work with everyone onboard without difficulty and even in a harsh environments. As an experienced engineer, he develops by being a resourceful person and enjoys figuring out how to come up with an effective solution to every problem. He takes great pride in working hard on every task that is assigned to satisfy the clients.

Aldrin Photo_edited.jpg
Aldrin E. Cabanting 

Supercargo/ Chemist

BSc. Chemistry | NACE Level 2 Certified

A registered Chemist equipped with a chemistry background. He joined the Lighthouse Maritime team last January 2019 as Supercargo & Chemist.  He is experienced in calibrating oxygen meters, doing laboratory experiments, and preparing Laboratory reagents for Wall wash testing.  Aldrin is also doing onboard training  and online course for using different brands of UV/VIS Spectrometer.”

Jan Paul Decal_edited.jpg
Jan Paul Decal


BSc. Chemical Engineer

He is capable of working well with the Master, Officers, Superintendent and Crews with different nationalities onboard and helps the company earn a positive reputation in the workplace. He’s been recognized by our clients for his excellent jobs as Supercargo and continuously proving his works as an asset of Lighthouse Team. He also handles Coating and Condition Surveys coordination.

Mark pic.JPG
Mark Bryan Calma


BSc. Chemical Engineer

Mark joined the team in 2019. His approach to exemplary work is unbeatable much of our team's success due to his skill and hardwork. Maritime is appreciative to his ability to finish his work with perfection.

Emmanuel Santos.jpg

Supercargo/ Chemist

BSc. Chemistry | NACE Level 2 Certified

Equipped with a background in chemistry, Emmanuel has since acquired knowledge and expertise in both tank cleaning and tank coatings. He is proficient in the use of analytical tools such as UV Spectrophotometer and has shown great interest in the research aspect of the industry.

Franklin Photo_edited.jpg
Franklin Gutierrez

Supercargo/ Marine Surveyor

BSc. Industrial Engineer

As a former Senior Marine Surveyor with extensive experience in shipbuilding and marine survey, he has acted for both P&I Clubs and H&M Underwriters, handling complex and high-value claims for both parties. His marine industry experience began in 2010, he is continuing to develop his knowledge of tank cleaning.

Emmanuel Santos
Administrative Staff
Badar pic_edited.jpg
BadEr Amin

Office Manager

Josh pic_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Joshua Isalmo 

Operations Executive

Renzo picture_edited.jpg
Reynaldo Santos 

Operations Executive

Xenia picture_edited.jpg
Xenia Llanes


Emily picture_edited.jpg
Emily Gonzales


Marilyn Blanza Photo.jpg
Marilyn Blanza


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