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Lighthouse Maritime Services LLC has been established in the UAE since 2007, building up a considerable record of expertise in the safe transport of bulk chemicals for our international and local clients.

Originating as Supercargo specialists, we have grown our offering at the request of our clients who recognise our strong commitment to superior delivery and integrity of service provision.

We are a company with 60 years combined supercargo experience. Our staff are qualified Chemists and Maritime graduates with significant sailing time as supercargoes. Their expertise contributes to enhanced cleaning times and assurance on cargo integrity at disport.


Knowing the properties of the product you are discharging is key to a successful cleaning plan. Is it water soluble, viscous or have a high melting point? Can it Polymerise, Oxidize? If not considered, the wrong steps can have a negative impact on what should be a straightforward and successful cleaning operation.


If you are cleaning to a ‘High Purity Standard’ life becomes more complicated. More and more cargoes, once loaded on a visual basis, now require a wall wash. Load Port wall wash testing procedures and methodology differ from one Port to another and one supplier to another; but are used as ‘definitive’ for passing or failing a tank.


Over 2018, we covered the cleaning and loading of 122 chemical shipments, with no issues at either loading or discharge Ports.


Our chemical knowledge, experience with different coating types, ship cleaning systems, best use of cleaning chemicals – all puts us in the best possible position to make your tank washing process an efficient and successful one.


Our services are global! Whether it be Supercargo support, cleaning chemical supplies or Bunker Surveys – We can offer a solution for most requirements in many global locations. – Try us!

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