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We are a company with 60 years combined supercargo experience.

Originating as Supercargo specialists, we have grown our offering at the request of our clients who recognise our strong commitment to superior delivery and integrity of service provision.

​We are going global!


what WE DO

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Optimizing resources for an efficient cleaning process, with quick and accurate test results meeting Loading Port inspection specifications.


In-Service Failure Investigation is requested when significant breakdowns or coating damage is observed during service. The possible origin and mode of breakdown formation is studied and related to existing records of coating usage, coating maintenance records, chemical resistance list of the coatings, to produce a well-founded evidence for the investigation.


Offering reliable marine solutions that encompass a wide range of services, including condition surveys, investigation surveys, cargo inspections, and marine warranty surveys. Our team is ready to respond promptly to requests in the UAE and is comprised of highly skilled surveyors who are available for global travel. We take pride in the expertise of our staff, consisting of experienced Naval Architects and Chemists.


Fujairah/Dubai, Singapore, Rotterdam, Houston & beyond, we have an expanding network to meet delivery needs of IMO approved cleaning products and test equipment, plus the knowledge to help you decide on the most effective chemical and quantity required for any cleaning job.

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BQS surveys for bunker deliveries and BIS - Bunker Investigative Surveys, to monitor transfers and assist fuel consumption optimization. 

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We can supply Urea to customers wherever they need it. Our global supply chain ensures that only top quality products are supplied and quality is maintained throughout storage and delivery.

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Through hull cleaning, we help vessels maintain much better operational and economic performance, reduce fuel consumption and optimise journey time.

Based in Fujairah – UAE, we can quickly meet the need for Spectrometer and Teledyne analyzer calibration on an ‘ad hoc’ or scheduled control basis. We currently maintain over 30 Spectrometer and Teledyne trace oxygen analyzers for our clients, ensuring operational performance of each unit before delivery on board at any port. On voyage completion the unit can be returned to our office for checking and ready for later dispatch to another ship, thus optimizing usage for any unit.

Lighthouse Maritime Services are the only maritime affiliated company with the manpower and knowledge to assist your crew in getting meaningful results from your spectrometer. Whether for wall wash analysis or washing water analysis, we can tailor training sessions to meet crew conference requirements or carry out ‘on board’ training during port calls or Supercargo attendance.


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Contact US 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, or if you would like us to quote for you, please contact us; our team is ready to answer all your enquiries.

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